Liga Națională (Romanian League) 2016/2017

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Re: Liga Națională (Romanian League) 2016/2017

Postby Doru Delavale » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:26 pm

A lot of romanian handball fans ask themselves what will happened with "Dinamo's project" after the unexpectelly fail to promote on LN . I look for Dinamo's female handball FB but it was frozen on D-day fail....Than I search to present squad for 2017-18 handball Division but the image is rather distressing :
Manuela Manda(pivot)
R.Petrus (9 line players)
A.C. Popa
Florin Vasiliu (manager ?)
Nicoleta Alecsandrescu (first coach)
Ion Ivan (second coach wich is also coach of Romanian NT under 17)
Of course unsufficient players ,mostly juniors players.....and Manda who was bornt in 1980 and just have a baby... Also I understood that Dinamo is on pole-position to replace a possible retiring of a team from LN. On these datas is hard to believe that Dinamo will be able to keep a very promissing player like A.C.POPA ... Is this the silence beneath the storm ? Have Dinamo female handball yet a team ?

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