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Code of conduct

Postby TheB » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:03 pm

This is an international forum for handball passionate people. Please, let’s help each other create a healthy environment by respecting the following standards when using the Forum on

Be polite

1.1 Treat your fellow members with respect.
1.2 Insulting, condescending, or abusive words will not be tolerated.
1.3 Do not harass other members.
1.4 Polite debate is welcome. Please, discuss the ideas and do not attack the person.
1.5 Do not call other members or their arguments / opinions / points of view stupid / dumb / idiotic or in any other offensive way. Doing that just lowers the quality of the conversation to kindergarten levels. If you disagree, please present the facts that support your point of view such that other readers can make their own mind about the quality of an argument.
1.6 Do not hijack a topic. If you want to discuss on a different subject, start your own topic.

Be sensitive

2.1 This is an international forum with participants from many different cultures and backgrounds.
2.2 English is the official and only language allowed on the forum. Sometimes words or expressions from another language may enrich a conversation. If this is the case and you decide to use them, please provide an approximate English translation.
2.3 Be kind, thoughtful, and open-minded when discussing race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or controversial topics since others likely have different perspectives.
2.4 The same rules apply when the topic of the conversation are players, coaches, staff members, referees and other match officials. They shouldn’t be called in any demeaning way, especially since they are in no position to defend themselves. Again, this only lowers the quality of the conversation on the forum.

Post appropriate content

3.1 Do not post personal information about other members without their permission.
3.2 Do not post inappropriate (e.g., pornographic, obscene etc.) content.
3.3 Do not post copyrighted content.
3.4 Do not advertise or promote outside products or organisations.
3.5 Do not spam the forum with repetitive content.
3.6 Keep the quality of the information high by posting the source of what you post. If there is none or you do not wish to disclose it, clearly state this. We don’t want our forum to turn into a gossip fair of unreliable information.

Help out

4.1 Don’t make public calls for moderator action. Use the Report button (right side of each post) to signal content or behaviour that might be breaching the Code.

Posts that violate this Code may be deleted by any forum moderator.

Members who repeatedly break these rules may lose access to the Forum.

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Re: Code of conduct

Postby TheB » Fri Dec 08, 2017 2:07 pm

Together with the code of conduct made by our great admin that have been doing a great job keeping the forum running alone we can give a small update.

The forum and handball123 is top priority the comming years and we will invest money in making the site better, that have not been possible the last two years as we have invested a lot in our two danish handball websites. and

Thank you for your patience and look forward to giving you a better handball site and forum.

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Re: Code of conduct

Postby Doru Delavale » Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:58 pm

I do not understand why someone can't consider another forum-fellow's ideas,arguments.... as "opinions" ....what is wrong in this ...where is "the offense". :-k For the rest : chapeau ! :)

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Re: Code of conduct

Postby HB9 » Fri Dec 08, 2017 9:28 pm

Sounds mostly reasonable. But rules are useless when they aren't enforced by somebody. :-k
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