Handball games for PC, consoles and online games

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Handball games for PC, consoles and online games

Postby Grzymisław » Thu May 09, 2013 11:38 am

Do you play any handball games?
I've never used one on PC, but know about serie which has new edition each year - Handball Manager - and also heard about newer one - Handball Challenge. Never seen it available in Poland, so I can't play it. Do you think any of these 2 is good enough to try to find it somewhere?

There are some online manager games in which player leads own club:
Handball-manager.fr - hadn't played it and don't know a lot about. But it seems to have many users at least in France.
handmanager.com - propably very bad game - stronger teams always wins, no tactical aspect( according to someone who played for couple of months and told me so, then I decided not to play).
handballmania.tk - which has rather more negative opinion on online manager games sites than this previous game, so never tried it.
teamhb.org - not the best of online games too, but I play it for a long time, so don't leave it. Too easy economically and a bit unrealistic in terms of handball as a sport. But consumes not much time.

Maybe someone knows some other?

In addition I found there are some games based on real results. The task is too choose the best players playing in real teams(usually they have their "prices" and virtual budget is limited) and they score points based on real performances.
2 games like that I found are:
manager.handballenergy.com - based on Champions League play-off phase.
handballmanager.sport1.de - Bundesliga manager. Propably played for some seasons already, found accidentally thanks to link on Bundesliga's official site.
Some similar games also exist for sure(one related to women's handball is linked on this site under "manager games".
Maybe you know some other(for example related to ASOBAl liga or LNH maybe)?

Let's tell your impression about these handball games, tell about other ones and discuss it.

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