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Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:46 pm
by MED
sawyer wrote:
MED wrote:Final

A.S. Hammamet (Tunisia) 18-31 Al Ahly

videos from the last moments of the final

First it looked like a Romania-Austria match and us loosing badly.
I am thinking about the flags. :D

Haha true :) A.S. Hammamet's kits are similar to romanian national team kits :) even their away kit is similar too :)


Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:04 pm
by william
Since we were off topic in the other thread I would like to discuss it here further.
El Fakharany still plays in Qatar. he is right handed he is not really bad. but I didnt like him because he does stupid mistakes when it is not needed at all. like getting 2 m's while the other team is already suffering. seriously we produced better players. he was lucky to get the chance to play abroad. Hassan Mostafa when he was our Federation's president refused to let many players play in Europe. there was that stupid law that our federation must accept before a player moves to a team abroad. he barely let anyone move. zaky hardly got his way to europe. he had also that stupid law that a player is forced to retire if he reached 30 and didnt get called for NT in the last 2 years. thanks to that law many players who led egypt to semi final in WCH 2001 had to retire :(
yes Tiedemann ... handball fans in egypt are really grateful to him. he is a legend.
well normally Egyptian clubs are richer than tunisian. but after 2011 things are not stable here at everything. we play matches in empty arenas. clubs reduced players salaries. so moving is the only option for many good players. anyway moving to Tunisia is not really a bad thing. a player like Jallouz used to play in a midtable team in tunisia and now he is playing for Kiel!!

Thank you very much for enlighten me but please explain a bit more. How are these restrictions imposed? I mean Hassan Moustapha ist the most powerful man in handball and if he say that probably is the rule but how can you impose this? I resemble the russian system 20 years ago when only few players were allowed and later if someone moved on his own will he would not be nominated to the national team. But lets say I am a player from Al Ahly and a scout from Bundesliga approaches me? If the contract with Al ahly is over I would be free to go. Or is it that there is pressure on the family or the like? How do you impose the 30 year rule? If someone plays in Qatar and doesn't want to retire, what are the measures? And the major question is, why this all? Does Moustapha want to keep the players at home to have a strong national league?
Where do you get your information about Tunisia? Do they have arabic websites about Handball? I was there 2005 for the world cup and hat the impression was that all information are in french.
are there still young tunisians moving to France now? I had the impression that it was like a wave. Mgannem, Tej and Hmam are pretty old by now, right? the only young big talent that I noticed is Jallouz because he moved to Kiel. BTW i read somewhere that Bouznina was about to become a Qatari. But if that is true he must be really old by now, right?

Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 1:52 am
by MED
first of all Mostafa is not the boss of the egyptian handball anymore. so those rules are not valid anymore.
there was no pressure on families or anything like that. but your team couldnt sell you unless the egyptian federation accepted. I think it was ok if someone played abroad and he didnt want to retire. I think those rules were only in the Egyptian league.
well most of the tunisian websites are in french. but there are still some in Arabic. I also watch tunisian channels. they care about showing handball more than our channels.
yes there are some tunisian youngesters who moved to france lately for example Aymen Toumi , Oussama Boughanmi , Marouan Chouiref , besides the old ones Tej , Hmam , Touati , Gharbi , Bousnina and Maggaiz.
Bousnina is 37 now I didnt hear about him playing for Qatar. anyways more than half of Qatar team in the last WCH were from Egypt , Tunisia , and Algeria. their junior and youth teams are full of North africans as well

Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:05 pm
by ThorTharu
Hi Sir

I'm interested in finding one thing out.
Why is the Moroccan Men's Handball Team so much worse than the Algerian, Tunisian and Egyptian? Is handball less popular in Morocco or what?

Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 7:54 pm
by MED
ThorTharu wrote:Hi Sir

I'm interested in finding one thing out.
Why is the Moroccan Men's Handball Team so much worse than the Algerian, Tunisian and Egyptian? Is handball less popular in Morocco or what?

yes they don't care about Handball in Morocco unlike Tunisia , Algeria and Egypt. Angola is currently the 4th best team in Africa after the 3 north African countries!

Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:07 pm
by MED
Egypt Have won the African youth Championship 2014 which was held in Kenya.

Egypt Road to the title :

Egypt - Guinea 38-21

Egypt - Libya 33-16

Egypt - Tunisia 26-19

Egypt - Algeria 26-22

This is the 5th title for Egypt out of 6 championships. Egypt qualified for the next youth Olympics in Nanjing China along with Norway , Slovenia , Argentina and Qatar.

Re: Egyptian Handball

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2014 2:34 pm
by MED
Egypt have won the African junior championship after beating Tunisia in the final

Egypt road to title

Egypt - Burundi 62-18

Egypt - Kenya 44-19

Egypt - Gabon 32-19

Egypt - Angola 27-19

Egypt - Tunisia 25-23