Strength training for pivots, advice?

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Strength training for pivots, advice?

Postby Chromoplast » Wed Jun 01, 2016 1:49 pm


So now there's off season, which gives everyone a chance to heal up injuries and work on other stuff. I'm playing pivot, and I want to get even stronger, so off season is great for that. I will do the regular squats, deadlifts, for overall strength and physique. But I am looking for more functional strength exercises, escpecially for twisting away from your defender when you get the ball and he's holding on to you.

So what I'm looking for is strength exercises which mimic this movement, and the only one I can come up with is the standing barbell twist, ie
While it's not exactly similiar (no legs), I think it involves the same core muscles at least

Do you have any other ideas for this? If not, then if you have some other training advice for pivots that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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