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Rising star ★

  • Estavana

  • Polman

  • Left back
Handball player Estavana Polman
  • Born: 05.08.1992
  • Height: 178cm.
  • Weight: 71kg.
  • 28 Yrs.

Looking for a new club or new player?


Players and teams

The last couple of years we have received request from handball players and Clubs from all over Europe asking for help in the search for a new club/player. We have received requests from almost every part of handball Europe just to mention some there has been clubs from Portugal, France and Denmark and players from most of Denmark, Norway ( actually most of Europe) and even Egypt and Brasil.

We have now decided, that we together with europamester.dk will assist players and clubs so the can find each other in the right match – as a free service.

If you a handball player and is looking for a new club in a new country, please send us an e-mail and we see if there is a club matching your level, competences and dreams. You don’t have to play on the national team or in the best league. There will also be clubs in the lower divisions in Scandinavian or in countries were handball is a minor sport that is looking for a new player.

If you are a representative from a club, that for example seeks Danish players of a playmaker. Then send us an e-mail telling what you seek and we can look in our player database or announce is on the websites if you wish.

We recently announced this possibility on Europamester.dk and there are already 5 players that have contacted us, and more to come. The players cover both male and female players. Some have played at highest youth level and others have both youth and A level national matches for their country.

We look forward to help both clubs and players and there are as mentioned no cost and you can stay anonymous if wished.

Kind Regards
Team Handball123.com

Legend player ★

  • Agnes

  • Farkas

  • Back
  • Born: 04.21.1973
  • 47 Yrs.


  • Lars Kaufmann

  • Left back
  • Born: 02.25.1982

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